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Sophie d’Agon, the jeweller spirit
Hand-crafted 18-carat gold jewels

Sophie d'Agon creates and offers for sale original handmade jewels in 18 carat gold and precious stones, coloured diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emerald. The distinctive sign of a Sophie d’Agon creation? All items are handmade. The hand that makes each jewel unique and singular, subtly imperfect, the hand that gives a soul to the delicate frames and settings. The use and blending of colours, the desire to be free of the traditional codes of jewelry. The brand proposes an inspired and inspiring world, echoing the current demand for jewels with soul, original in form but also by their choice of colours and associations of colours. 

Fitted with precious stones

Sophie d'Agon is a love-story with stones. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, spinelles are chosen with the greatest attention for their color and their clarity. They are hand-fitted and circled in 18-carat gold to reveal all their beauty.

Porto, the workshop

The drawing is finalized, the colored gems are selected, manufacture can begin. From melting to setting, from polishing to adjusting, the jewelry comes alive thanks to the talent of the best artisans in Porto and under the kindly supervision of Joao.

The brand
Sophie d'Agon, the story…
Sophie, the designer

Sophie d’Agon is a new brand of jewelry. At its head, Sophie, in her forties, with a journey through fashion of over twenty years alongside true monuments, Hermès, Prada and Saint Laurent. With Prada, for six years, Sophie learns the ropes as a buyer of accessories in France and in the United Kingdom, understands how the iconic fashion house, inventor of the It bag, works, and how to manage relationships with influencers. The Saint Laurent adventure, lasting for 14 years, is the laboratory for learning perfection until she takes over the management of worldwide purchasing in 2012. Specialized in accessories, ready-to-wear, bags and shoes, she experiences the most exciting moments of the House, until Hedi Slimane leaves in 2015, which announces her own departure. Entrepreneurship spins round and round in her mind, as do her memories of time spent in her uncle’s jewelry shop.

Lucky stars

Sophie draws but lacks certain very specific technical knowledge about jewelry . Her meeting in October 2016 with a 3D designer is decisive. Former Place Vendôme jeweller, the 3D designer understands her expectations and joins the ride to transform her drawings into 3D models, incorporating the technical dictates so that the jewelry may be made to last. The man has worked for Maison Van Cleef and Arpels and is trained in 3D, which has become an unavoidable skill in this area of work. 

A first prototype is realized in April 2017in Jaipur, the city of gems and jewels.But the story does not end there. The designer entrusts the manufacture of her creations to a family workshop in Portugal. It is then the opportunity to get closer to Made in Europe and the opportunity to work with closer talents. Together they embrace an ethical craftmanship in line with Sophie d'Agon values, using mostly recycled gold.

Beautiful stories are made from good meetings

A last important meeting is the one with a young and very promising self-taught artist. Passionate about photography, the artist photographer sets the stage for the stones, essential to this project. His approach seduces Sophie so much that she appoints him Artistic and Visual identity Director of Sophie d’Agon. The artist works with raw medium with neutral shades such as concrete or steel. The contrast with the delicateness and colors of the precious stones works wonders and is the sign of the brand's identity.

General credits
Models : Marine Simon & Laura Addams
Photography : Clément Cauvet