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Floral, poetic and a bit romantic, Camélia is the ring that celebrates emotions. A must-have for an engagement or wedding anniversary gift.

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It draws a delicate garland of ruby flowers and pink sapphires on your hand, punctuated by emerald leaves. A stunning look with lush colors for a ring that's all femininity and romance. This jewel celebrates eternal love whose radiance never fades.

Camélia is our favorite engagement ring! Marry it to our Gaia Ring Red as a wedding band. A vitamin-packed mix of dazzling emeralds, blazing rubies and pink sapphires celebrate passionate love.

The Camélia collection revisits a cherished jewelry theme: floral inspiration. In garlands or small bouquets, Camélia crosses the seasons in shades of red, cognac, givre and diamonds.

Iconic from the beginning, Camélia was soon unveiled in new colors, then declined into necklace and earrings over the seasons. It even becomes Full Diamond in yellow gold and white gold.

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Camélia Ring 1 Pink

Camélia Ring 1 Peacock

Camélia Ring 1 Diamond

Camélia Necklace 1 Pink

Camélia Ring 1 Diamond White Gold

Camélia Ring 1 Givre

Camélia Earrings 1 Pink

Combo Love Full Diamond

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