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Radiant, precious and incredibly bright, 18 carat gold is the noblest alloy in the world of jewelry, but its extraction is unfortunately not without impact on the environment. So we came up with the concept of ethical gold, a respectful and more sustainable alternative for our planet.Sophie d'Agon has chosen to direct her jewellery production towards a more ethical practice: recycled gold.

Gold mining issues

Gold mining has often been seen as a low-risk investment with the potential to generate huge profits for its investors. Unfortunately, it is a practice that is damaging our environment.

Gold mining is a source of deforestation, soil and water contamination, destruction of animal habitats, air pollution from dust particles and the use of dangerous chemicals such as cyanide and mercury, as well as increasing the amount of sludge in already congested rivers.

These environmental consequences are not taken into account when evaluating gold mining projects. As a result, some companies ignore the associated risks to the environment.

Ethical gold vs. recycled gold

Ethical gold

Ethical gold comes from a responsible source and is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. There are several certifications that can guarantee ethical gold, such as Fairmined and Fairtrade Gold. Their role is to ensure that gold is extracted in a climate-friendly way, without exploiting workers or communities.

Ethical gold mining brings economic security to miners. They settle in a healthier environment, far from the pollution of noxious substances.

By supporting ethical gold producers, consumers are able to reduce the human and environmental impact associated with the industry, ensuring a sustainable approach to the use of precious metal resources worldwide.

Today's consumers are looking for transparency on the origin and composition of the items they buy. When it comes to gold, two emerging concepts are all the rage among conscientious buyers: ethical gold and recycled gold.

Ethical gold is extracted from sources that meet specific requirements, such as compliance with a series of ethical standards covering corporate responsibility, health, safety and environmental protection.

Recycled gold

Recycled gold, on the other hand, comes from existing parts (jewelry and sometimes electronic components). Gold is an infinitely recyclable material: melted and remelted, it never loses its lustre or properties.

We believe in using second-hand resources as a priority, in order to limit our impact as much as possible and respect our Earth. In accordance with the RJC's Chain of Custody standards for gold mining, this gold is guaranteed to come from a conflict-free supply and production chain.

Buying ethically-made and/or recycled jewelry has a strong and direct positive impact on mining communities around the world.

Is recycled gold ethical?

With the growing demand for sustainable and socially responsible practices, many jewelry manufacturers are turning to recycled gold as an ethical choice. Recycled gold is an environmentally friendly alternative to mining, as it reduces carbon emissions and preserves natural resources.

Since 2021, we have been working exclusively with 18-carat recycled gold, i.e. remelted from existing coins. Global gold stocks already mined cover the needs of the next 50 years. We have chosen partners specialized in gold recycling, starting with the workshop, because we don't want to make any concessions in this area.

Sophie d'Agon jewelry

At Sophie d'Agon, all our jewels are made using skills, techniques, knowledge and precision. This art is handed down from father to son within Joao's family in Portugal. His human-scale, family-run workshop executes the various stages of production to perfection. Designed and manufactured in Europe, our pieces are the result of respectful and caring working conditions.

At the heart of our responsible approach, it was obvious to us to work with stones sourced and handled by hand with great care from trusted lapidaries.

This subtly imperfect, delicate, inspired and passionate craftsmanship gives our jewelry its unique character.

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