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A capsule collection imagined by the artist Nina Koltchitskaia as a colorful and delicate journey between her world and that of Sophie d'Agon. Bijoux-poèmes like precious symbols.

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"To be able to take my designs on a journey to the brilliance of Sophie's stones and golds, to know that they will be kept forever on the skin of those who wear them, and that they will then be passed on to loved ones, and in turn travel from skin to skin through the ages and through time - this has been a magical gift to me."

Citation signée Nina KOLTCHITSKAIAPorté Nina 2

Nina is wearing the Oiseau Ciel necklace

Nina is wearing The Fleur Libre earring (left)

Birds that will never be caged, hearts that hold all the secrets of the world, flowers that carry the colors of the soul... to be worn close to the heart, around the neck or accompanying the curves of a hand.

To make her drawings travel to the brilliance of the precious stones and golds of Sophie d'Agon, to know that they will be kept forever close to the skin of those who will wear them and that they will then be transmitted to loved ones through time.

The collection unveils 8 new jewels and a silk scarf, available online and in stores.


 The Oiseau Ciel Necklace                                                             1,995.00€

 Cosmos Ring                                                                                   2,695.00€

 Soleil Ring                                                                                     2,495.00€

 TheTalisman Ring                                                                         3,995.00€

 The Fleur Libre Earrings                                                   1,395.00€ (each)

 The Coeur Océan Necklace                                                           3,295.00€

 The Fleur Libre Necklace                                                             1,895.00€

The Oiseau Scarf                                                                                120.00€

 The Tendresse Necklace                                                                 1,795.00€