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Joyful and delicate, Gaia rings can be accumulated ad infinitum. Solo or combined, you're free to create your own.

Delicacy incarnate, the Gaia collection is defined by the beauty of its gemstones offering a subtle blend of colors. Inspired by the Harem ring, a ring composed of several stacked rings. According to Turkish legend, the Harem ring was given by the king to one of his wives, designating her as his favorite. This jewel evokes the bonds of love, which, like the rings, are forever linked.

Infinite range of colors

There's a Gaia for every woman, every generation and every style. 

Designed to be worn in accumulation. Mix and match with other fine rings. 

Ideal thin ring

Just a touch of color, discreet and refined. Colors that go with everything

Bold alliance

A ring shape that combines perfectly with an engagement ring.

Iconic from the beginning, Gaia was soon unveiled in new colors, then declined into necklaces and earrings over the seasons. It even becomes Full Diamond.

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Gaia Ring 2 Peacock

Gaia Necklace 1 Red

Gaia Ring 6 Red

Gaia Ring 2 Marine

Gaia Hoops 2 Red

Gaia Ring 2 Diamond

Gaia Necklace 1 Green

Gaia Ring 2 Red

Gaia Ring 2 Green

Gaia Earrings 3 Multico

Gaia Ring 2 Majorelle

Gaia Ring X Multico

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